The ‘Input | Output’ project is my contribution to the 2016 edition of ArtFactory‘s group exhibition – Human Marks.

This year, ArtFactory has been invited by Arkadia ShortFest to exhibit at the film festival’s side-project that is open to all visual arts, Expo ShortFest.

Now coming to Bucharest, Art Factory will feature 2 exhibtions at the Make a Point contemporary art gallery.

The ‘Input | Output’ artworks talk about the give-and-take, unpredictable relationship between humans and its emotional consequences for the individuals involved. I wanted to capture this peculiar dynamic by inviting the audience to participate in the creation of the artworks.

The process will involve 3 stages and ultimately, 10 collaborative artworks:
– creating the base artworks
– the audience participates by submitting data that will determine their assigned images
– incorporating the assigned images into the base artworks

Using the data provided by the participants, a unique point on the surface of the artwork will be selected through a custom algorithm and an image from a database will be assigned to it. It is these images that I will include in the artwork in the final stage.

This creates an interesting dynamic between artist and viewer/collaborator as each of them has limited power and control over the final artwork. It is a game of chance meant to resemble the chaotic nature of human relationships.

Head over to the submission page to participate!

Let’s collaborate!